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The web can be a terrific place to pick up information for real estate matters.  I come across useful information frequently and have saved some of my favorite links.  The information is organized as follows:
  • Buying a home
  • Selling a home
  • Moving to a new home
  • Maintaining and living in a home
  • In the garden
  • Financial information
  • Remodeling or decorating a home
  • Building a home
  • Renting a home
  • Investing in real estate 
There are a few real estate columns that I like to follow:
Also, check out Real Estate Answers for specific questions.

I welcome new information, so if you find a site worth sharing, I hope you'll let me know!   Send the link on to

 Buying a home

Need guidance on how to buy a home?
Wonderful and complete guide from the New York Times.

Trying do decide where to move?
Find the best places to live!

5 Things for Condo Buyers to Learn Before Buying a Property

Discover Local Neighborhoods, Schools & Homes

Good explanation of how real estate agency works for the buyer.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Sales Professional

Build your team
Top 10 Buying Tips
Consider writing a letter to the sellers... here's how.

See the most walkable neighborhoods.
Learn about the schools, etc. of a particular neighborhood.

Want to know how to investigate the neighborhood where you want to live?
Some sites and tools for researching a neighborhood.

Read the report card!

Six sites that have information

Sometimes it's a better deal to buy!

Sometimes renting can make more sense.

online rates calculators help you quickly evaluate interest rate options on all loans

Some essential tips for first time homebuyers

5 things to know about a neighborhood before you buy a home

How do I get the most out of an home inspection?
Tips to get the most value out of a home inspection.

Get the advantage when buying a home
Mortgage rates, mortgage calculator, home loans and refinance rates

What is a home appraisal - tips and process checklist

How to Negotiate Repairs After a Home Inspection

the information you need to prepare yourself for closing day

Home Buying Closing Costs: What’s Included, What’s Not

Get quotes from movers

Local provider: redi-box

Moving tips for setting up and disconnecting utilities

some useful strategies

5 Types of Property Ownership
40 Blogs that break down the elements of buying a house.

Selling a home

lessons about the market

10 Tips for Seamlessly Selling your Home

Need some ideas about de-cluttering your home?
Declutter Your Life

Bring in a professional organizer

Some great ideas about staging your home to help sell it

How to Use Curtains and Drapes to Stage a House

Great advice for discouraged sellers

Survey of Illinois home buyers

How to get your house prepared for an inspection. 

Some things to consider in getting your home ready to sell.

some tips for sellers

What is the seller responsible for at Closing

Understanding the real estate commissions
Some reasons to consider doing a short sale on your home.

Understanding the advantages of a short sell. 

Should You Become a Landlord Instead of Selling Your Home?

Moving to a new home
Want to evaluate movers?
Compare Reviews for Moving Companies

Get quotes from movers

Need help with moving?
Here are 9 tips to making the move.

Want to save money on the move?
Here are some helpful tips.

Here's a blog that's all about moving.

Tips for Moving on a Budget 

When it comes to moving, you've got to be careful.
Some ways for keeping the costs down

Need some guidance on moving?

Want to avoid moving fraud?

Maintaining and living in a home
"How to" for every situation

Try to figure out which security system for your house?
Compare home security systems.

Need some ideas?
Check out these home guides.
Here are skills you need to survive homeownership

Need help in getting an insurance claim filed?
Here are some tips to getting your insurance claim processed quickly.

Make it Better shares some organizing ideas.

Where can I find information for improving my home?

There are better times than others!

Where can I buy home appliances for less?
Site to get the best price!

How about the Washer and Dryer?
9 Ways to Keep Your Washer and Dryer Healthy

save money on your energy costs

100 ways to save on your electric bill 

Need to organize your kitchen?
19 Suprising ways to organize 

Living Green
Thoughts for maintaining the chimney and fireplace

Should I get a security system?
The Best Home Security System

In the Garden

Tips for maintaining the garden.
Consider summer grasses
40 great landscaping blogs

Doing major landscaping?
Call JULIE before you dig.

Financial Information

What's the best way to get a mortgage?
Tips to get the best mortgage rate

Need some tips of getting a mortgage?
Six secrets to getting a mortgage.

How do I figure out closing costs?
Determine the closing costs for different types of mortgages
online rates calculators help you quickly evaluate interest rate options on all loans

Gift or Loan?
When home buyers ask Mom and Dad for cash

And when should I refinance my mortgage?

When Does Refinancing A Home Make Sense?
useful information about refi

Should I prepay my mortgage?
Tips for determining whether to prepay or not.

some instruction about this topic 

Mortgage rates, mortgage calculator, home loans and refinance rates

What term should I chose for my mortgage?
Figuring out the best loan option.

What are the basics of a credit rating?
Learn the fundamentals.

What Really Influences Your Credit Score?
Learn more about your financial report card.

Outline of the costs 

Eight ways to improve your home appraisal
Some tips for raising the appraised amount of your home

What Is a Home Construction Loan?
Description and process about getting a home construction loan

List of things to consider when budgeting for the construction.

Learn all the basics of insurance for your home 
and how to avoid paying for it

Need information on flood insurance?
Issues surrounding flood insurance.

free advice on all sorts of topics

some instruction about this topic 

Do you understand that financial statement?
Own a coop?  Here's some thoughts on reading the financial statements. 

Remodeling or Decorating a home

Complete Guide to Bathroom Renovations
Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

Want to jump start your renovation?
just get started with ideas to renovate

Need to know how much paint to buy?
Whether cutting or painting, these are great calculators to figure out quantities.

Hiring a contractor?
What do you need to know?
What you need to know when hiring a contractor.

Not sure what color to paint the room?
This site provides colors and tools for experimenting with colors. 

Tile, hardwood or carpeting? 

Learn the basics of flooring

Want to get some ideas for decorating?
20 favorite decorating blogs

Building a home

What do I need to know if I am going to build a home?
Some questions to consider before building a home

Is there some guidance about building a home?
Here's a checklist of things to consider when hiring a contractor.

Renting a home

Sometimes it's a better deal to rent!

So what's the real cost of moving?
Things to consider went making the move. 

Buying a house isn't strictly a financial decision. Sometimes renting can make more sense.

Renting for the first time?

6 Steps for Renting Your First Home
Learn step by step how to make it happen.

Want to find the perfect apartment?
A 10 step process

What can you do to entice the landlord to lease to you?
Outsmart the competition with a renter application packet.

Rental Cash Flow: Do the Numbers Add Up?

Need renter's insurance?
What is renter's insurance and what does it cost

Why have renter's insurance?
A Word to the Wise

Investing in Real Estate

Want to Make Money in Real Estate?
Understanding the returns