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Monday, September 30, 2019

Moving On...

Today's post is my last for this blog.  After nearly 17 years working as a real estate broker, I have decided to retire and move on. 

It was a challenging decision and one that came after a lot of reflection and introspection.   I have loved owning my own business and being my own boss.   I have really enjoyed working with so many interesting people through the years.  Some of my clients have become great friends.  I have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many terrific agents -- and the homes I've been able to tour - WOW.  I have strived to deliver exceptional client service with each transaction and hopefully my clients feel that I have served them well. 

But life is about change.   And I have decided to make some changes with my own life.   As my readers know,  I accomplished one big change a few months ago -- selling my house and downsizing.  As I've said many times: moving is not for the faint of heart -- what a wild, stressful, albeit wonderful change. 

With this change,  I find that I want more changes.  In this next chapter, I'd like to travel more, play a little more bridge, perhaps write a book, learn new things, and tick off some of the things on my bucket list. I'm getting more involved with the wonderful History Center of Lake Forest - Lake Bluff.  I have already been working a bit with my sister's business, The Zen of Slow Cooking, and may get more engaged with that.  I might even create a side business of some sort working with businesses like my sister's.  Who knows? Maybe another blog may be in the works.   Stay tuned.

Luckily, I'm not the kind of person who gets bored! 

In the meantime, three things: 

First, I am forever grateful and appreciative of all the wonderful folks who have crossed my path these last 17 years.  I have learned so much about the business of real estate -- but more importantly about human behavior!   It's been quite an education and learning experience.  Thank you.

Second,  I am here.   I am always available to help or share information when I can.  My license will remain active for a while, so if there are any questions I can answer or referrals I can provide,  please don't hesitate to call.

Finally, I have loved writing this blog and thought would end this with a list of my top 10 personal favorite blog posts.

10. Top 10 Tips to Sell your House in a Buyer's Market (my very first post!)
  9. Home as Shelter
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  1. The Rules (and The Rules Continued)

So moving on... 
Thank you, dear readers, for following my blog these last 10 years.

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