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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Green Tips: Energy Efficient Homes

Did you know that according to the most recent NAR home buyer trends, heating and cooling costs were the most important environmental features for recent
home buyers, with 84% finding these features at very least somewhat important.

When I work with buyers, among the first things they ask me ... "How much it cost to heat and cool this house?   We'd like to see the utility bills."

I know when I replaced my windows, my heating and cooling bills dropped dramatically -- it was amazing.    Here are some more ideas for creating an energy efficient home:

  • Clean or replace heater and air conditioner filters regularly. Keep outside vents free of leaves or debris that may clog vents.
  • When the heat is on, set your thermostat at as low a level as you feel comfortable. Use a programmable thermostat that adjusts to the time of day.   Check out ComEd's program.
  • Close doors to seldom used rooms and turn off heat or air conditioning in these areas.
  • Keep windows near your thermostat tightly closed.
  • Dust and vacuum radiator surfaces frequently. 
  • Keep draperies and shades open in sunny windows; close them at night.
  • Use kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans sparingly. 

Air Conditioning:

  • Service your air conditioner on a regular basis.
  • Clean or replace air conditioner filters regularly.
  • Set your air conditioner thermostat as high as you still feel reasonably comfortable.
  • If you have window air conditioners, turn them off when a room will be vacant for a few hours. 
  • Don't place lamps or TV sets near your air-conditioning thermostat. 


  • Use cold water rather than hot when running the garbage disposal.
  • Keep range top burners and reflectors clean so your stove operates at peak efficiency.
  • When using an oven or an electric burner, turn it off a little while before the cooking is done. 
  • When you have a choice, use the range top instead of the oven.
  • When replacing appliances, seek out energy efficient ones to purchase.

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