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Thursday, January 18, 2018

8 things to consider about your front door

I was looking for inspiration for a post and saw an interesting picture of a wall of doors.   For some reason the quote, "The eye is the window to the soul" popped into my memory.   Sounded like Shakespeare to me, so I was surprised to to find out it was actually Proverbs 30:17. 

I'm digressing.  

Why the quote?  Just as the eye is the window to the soul, the front door is the window to the soul of the home.  A front door is incredibly revealing and tells us a lot about who and what are inside.  When I am out touring to look at homes, I always pay close attention to the entry. 

Some things to consider...

1. Where is the front door?
Have you ever been to a house and you're not sure where the front door is?   The driveway leads to the garage, but there is no sidewalk.   Or perhaps, there are two doors
in front and it's unclear which one to enter.   I think the front entry needs to be clear to everyone.  It gives the house a presence.  
2. What color is the front door?
The color of the door tells me something about the residents of the house.   A muted color gets lost.   I love to see doors with a contrasting color.  It makes the door stand out.  
3. How easy is it to lock and unlock the front door?
So many of us enter the house through the backdoor or through the garage, that we rarely pay much attention to our front doors.   One of the little frustrations for agents -- and this happens more than you think -- sellers have the lost the keys to their front door, or the lock gets stuck or the door doesn't open easily.  From time to time, check out your front door.  Use a little WD-40 or put in new locks.  
4. What does the hardware look like on the front door?
The front door is one of the first impressions buyers observe about a house.   Does the hardware match the house?  A contemporary house needs contemporary hardware!  Is the hardware in good shape, clean and in good working order?   I've been to homes where the door knob is actually falling off! 
5. What's around the front door?
Is it clean or are there cobwebs?   Is it well lit with sparkling light fixtures?  Is there any staging like flowers or a bench?  Is it inviting?   Does the doorbell work and is it clearly seen?  
6. Is the front door well lit at night?

Is the light strong enough to see the stairs, etc.   Is the pathway marked, clear and approachable?
7. How safe are the stairs and railings up to the front door?
Again, this is something I have personally experienced.   I've actually fallen at a couple of homes -- the stairs were uneven, steep or in disrepair.   One house didn't have a railing and I slipped on the ice and fell down the stairs.   It's really important for homeowners to make sure that any steps or stairs leading to a front door are safe and easy to navigate.  It's a huge turnoff for buyers when they see that they need to fix the front stoop -- even before they have seen the inside of the house!
8. Does the door match the house?
Maybe this is a personal pet peeve, but I really don't like it when the doors don't match the style of the house.   A Tudor-styled home just shouldn't have a contemporary door.  It's like wearing sneakers with a ballgown!
I keep a Pinterest Board on Doors - it always provides me with some inspiration.

Buying or selling?  What does the front door tell you?

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