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Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Year in Review

As a blogger, I like to see what people enjoy reading.   It's always a bit of hit and miss -- I'm often surprised at things people love versus the posts that have little readership.  I thought I would do a scan on the stats and highlight my top posts for the year!

10. Without helmets - my take on how buyers and buyer values have changed

 9.  Rocking the Ages, redeux - an update to my 2014 generational series, Rocking the Ages

 8.  What's your type?  Which broker works for you?

 7.   Several of the Green Tips posts ranked very high, specifically, Valentine tips for the eco-friendly, One People - One Planet, and Hot Products for the Luxury Green Home .

 6.  My life in Real Estate: Remodeling

 5.  On to the Next Chapter - notes to the Baby Boomers

 4.  Financially Savvy Home Improvements

 3. Demonization - I always like to think win-win!

 2. Disclose, Disclose, Disclose.   My words of advice to sellers!

 1. The Rules and The Rules Continued.   I got more positive feedback from these posts than from any others that I have written in the last five years.   The affirmative response was heartening!

And the Grand Winner is always my annual biggest hit, 
How's the Market? End of Year Recap for 2016

Stay tuned.   I'll be getting you my end of the year recap for 2017 within the next week!

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