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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tulsa to Oklahoma City

We spent the night at a classic hotel on Route 66 -  The Campbell.  My room was decorated in gray -- what is it about gray... color de jour!  It honored musician Leon Russell.

We got a fabulous tour of the city with Kelly Gibson of Tours of Tulsa.  Tulsa is known for its stunning Art Deco architecture.   One of the more amazing buildings was Boston Avenue Methodist Church.   As someone who loves Art Deco, Tulsa is a treasure.  

The other part of the city that I wanted to see was the The Greenwood District. It's a tragic piece of Tulsa, and for that matter, American history that few know about.   I think I had heard about the riot on The American Experience or some other show and really wanted to see the area known as Black Wall Street.  Kelly did a great job explaining what happened and the tragic consequences that the city still is coming to terms with.   Seeing the lay of land helped make it all more real to me.

We left Tulsa and worked our way across the state to Oklahoma City.   Saw some Route 66 landmarks like Arcadia Round Barn Arcadia Round Barn.   As we left Tulsa and approached OK City the soil became red -- really red -- clay like.  Interesting.

We arrived in Oklahoma City and went to see the memorial from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 of the Murrah Federal Building.   It was beautiful and moving and really quite heartbreaking.

Good day -- saw interesting buildings and some beautiful architecture.  

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