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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Green Tips - Valentine ideas for the eco-friendly

For those of you who are planning ahead, Valentine's Day will be upon us shortly.  Looking for heart-warming sentiment that is a bit more eco-friendly?

Give Eco-Friendly Chocolate. Find Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate (and other products) here. The Arbor Day Foundation also sells a line of shade grown organic chocolates in their online shop.

May not be quite as romantic, but send an eCard instead of paper.  If you feel a paper card is in order, use recycled paper goods.

Did you know that the manufacture of an average gold ring creates more than 20 tons of mining waste?  Consider buying any jewelry from one of the 90 retailers who have committed to ending destructive gold mining through Earthworks.

Love Your Honey (Bees). Bees are in trouble. In the U.S., they’ve been dying off at alarming rates which spells trouble for our whole food supply. Check out this website from Beyond Pesticides and Pesticide Action Network to help protect bees from harmful pesticides.

Let Nature Inspire Your Valentines. For some special V-day craft projects, check out these nature-inspired ideas from National Wildlife Federation.

Rethink Generosity. This February 14, you can also share the love through simple acts of kindness, consideration, compassion, and sharing. Click here for “Random Acts of Kindness” ideas.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be another day of "stuff."  Sometimes just taking the time to be together quietly is enough!  Think about taking care of our earth as a way to share the love!

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